Trips have to be discussed with Shi De Feng in advance. The best time for trips is Sunday. Trips during the week are possible as long as the training hours of other students are not confined.


Excursion 1: Shaolin Tempel and Yong Tai Si

Shaolin Tempel with pagodaforest and damo cave
Yong Tai Shaolin nunnery

200 RMB
50 RMB

Excursion 2: San Huang Zhai

Hiking with rope bridges and monastery from Shi De Jian

150 RMB

220 RMB

Excursion 3: Song Shan 

Beautiful mountain hiking, holy mountains

200 RMB

Excursion 4: Fa Wang Si

Oldest buddhism monastery in China

100 RMB

Excursion 5: Zhong Yue Miao

Big taoism temple

150 RMB

Excursion 6: Song Yang Shu Yuan

Old confucianism university

*all trips are including drive and ticket