The Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu Institute is a branch of the Shaolin Chan Temple Lucerne / Switzerland and is run by Master Shi De Feng. Shi De Feng is the sole heir of the Kung Fu family Wang and former Chief-Instructor (Zong Jiao Tou) of the Shaolin monastery. For those who want to learn and understand Kung Fu at first hand, a stay in China will be an impressive, instructive and unforgettable experience. The Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu Institute is located in the village of Shaolin, near the town Deng Feng in Henan province, China - just a few miles away from the legendary Shaolin Temple. The school is run in traditionally Chinese style but suffices Western standards. The twin and triple rooms can accommodate 8 students in total and allow a good rest after hard practicing. Hot showers, a dining room, an exercise room (Lian gong fang) and further outdoor training opportunities are part of the Institute. Free internet connection (WLAN ) is provided and mobile calls are possible at one’s own expense.

Beside Chinese Shi De Feng speaks some English. His wife speaks English fluent and offers Chinese language courses as well.

In addition it is possible to undertake unforgettable trips around Deng Feng. Visiting the Shaolin Temple with the surrounding pagoda forest and Damo Cave as well as trips to the sacred Songshan Mountains are just some of the great opportunities. For more information see trips.

Training Time

Monday - Friday



09.00 - 11.30 a.m / 03.30 - 06.00 p.m.

08.30 - 11.30 a.m / afternoon: domestic work